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Kati Marosites is Executive Chef at The Starlite Restaurant & Pool Bar. She earned a degree in culinary arts from the Florida Culinary Institute and a certificate in hospitality and tourism management from Florida Atlantic University. When she isn’t working at The Starlite, you’ll find her volunteering in the kitchen at Cocoa Elks Lodge 1532. A former member of the Broward Executive Chef Council, Kati was a top five finisher in John Offerdhals' Grid-Iron Grill Off.


The Starlite cooked up a quick Q&A to get to know Kati better:


You get one last meal. What is it, and why? Very tough question as I love so many different foods! I’ll say a Wagyu ribeye with U-5 Nigerian prawns in a garlic butter sauce, a loaded baked potato and broccolini. This is one of my favorite meals and heaven in every bite.


What’s your favorite dish to cook when you are NOT at work? Anything that I cook for the local Cocoa Elks Lodge 1532 – whether it’s a hearty meat lasagna, short ribs or fried chicken. I love sharing my passion for food with my fellow Elks members and the community.


What’s your food-related guilty pleasure? A nice, juicy burger. It could be a burger wrap, a plain burger, a creative burger. I love all burgers. Yum!

What’s your favorite, can’t-cook-without-it ingredient? First is passion. Great food comes from the heart. Second, I would have to say garlic.




Kati Marosites

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